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Syndicate Wipers

wiper Syndicate wipers are the Largest manufacturer of windshield wiper arms and blades in India, since 1964.
Vision and mission is highest levels of Customer Satisfaction
Advanced facilities for manufacturing and development
Quality systems certified to ISO/TS:16949:2002
Obtained 100PPM certification from Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

World class Products:-
Strategic alliance with Fukoku, Japan for wiper rubber elements
International design of Wiper blade frame
Long life capability for performance
SYNDICATE® specializes in the production and marketing of high-quality windshield wiper arm and blade and makes a major contribution to safer driving. It assures superior quality and is used in a wide range of heavy and light commercial vehicles as Original Equipment SYNDICATE® wipers have earned a lot of trust which is illustrated by the fact that vehicle manufacturers use our wiper arms and blades as the standard original equipment in their vehicles.
- Overall production capacity is more than 8 Million blades per year of all types
- U-hook type hook clip for quick release and locking system and easy installation
- Stainless steel twin vertebra for improved wiping quality, easily adjusts to windshield contours.
- Post-treated rubber after molding and graphite coated for smooth operation
- Powder coated steel metal frame for strength and durability and high corrosion resistance.
- Ozone resistant NR+CR rubber for all weather application.
- Wide range of sizes to suit vehicles around the world.
- Precision molded joint pin and knuckles for silent blade movement avoids metal to metal contact.

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