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Cork Screw

From Shoe sole to Space shuttle.Yes! Cork is a wonder product of nature that finds itself being used virtually everywhere. The cork oak(Quercus suber L.) lives on and on as the world keeps on finding newer applications to use the bark of this unique tree. As the cork bark regenerates itself, the tree never gets cut, ensuring that the cork forests will keep the environment always green. This extraordinary Eco-friendly product finds usage in myriad of uses all across the globe.

distributors of Cork & Rubber Cork and articles since more than half a century of the reputed ancork cork brand which is having state of the art.

production facilities in India. Our product range encompasses COMPOSITION CORK,RUBBER CORK, ANTI-VIBRATION CORK, DESIGNER (Decorative) CORK,GRANULATED CORK AND CORK POWDER &GIFT ARTICLES..just about anything one can make out of cork.

Anchor Cork is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company and has been involved in the Indian Cork Industry for more than half a decade.

Constant innovation and evolution and a zest to introduce new and improved products into it's manufacturing profile has kept it in the forefront of the industry. Having one of the most modern and automatic manufacturing facilities in India combined with fully equipped in house testing capabilities, our customers expect nothing but the best from us. Apart from having a major share of the local market, the products have made its presence felt in various countries across the globe.

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